宮川町 水簾宮川町 水簾



Cuisine from the heartCuisine from the heart

selected ingredients,
preparations, knife skills,
cooking techniques, tableware,
presentation, and soul - each element
fuses together to form artistic cuisine.

Just as raindrops on a mountain
will form a stream and eventually
become a large river
flowing gracefully, yet resolutely – water.
Savor cuisine that flexibly reflects
the change of seasons,
just like that flow of water.
Cuisine that matches
with the times and the people.


1FCounter seats / 10
With a view of the traditional okudosan grill and chefs, the wooden seating provides a feeling of warmth.
2FPrivate rooms / 3
Available for meals or parties even for small groups.
*Please specify when making reservations, if possible. *Seating requests subject to availability.